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Community Garden


A therapeutic community is a treatment facility in which the community itself, through self-help

and mutual support is the principal means for promoting personal change.

In a therapeutic community resident and staff participate in the management and operation of

the community, contributing to a psychologically and physically safe learning environment where
change can occur.
(Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association)


Residents will receive support that treats the whole self. They’ll work with a body of practitioners to tailor their own unique treatments and recovery plan, addressing the body as well as the mind, empowering the individual with choice and control over their recovery. Our onsite practitioners will include a diverse range of both Eastern and Western Body/Mind specialists working collaboratively in our onsite wellness centre.


Contemporary mental health services in Australia have moved towards recovery-oriented practices. Such services emphasise consumer empowerment and the role of community in recovery.


We believe people with mental ill-health can live rich and fulfilling lives. Our brand of mental health services addresses mental distress by providing housing, education, social inclusion, trauma resolution and holistic health care in a beautiful natural environment. We acknowledge the whole person and not just their illness.


Our community-based recovery program is designed to help people with mental ill-health regain their independence and achieve their goals by remaining connected to their communities. 


Enveco Health will provide an innovative solution to the gaps in our current mental health system. Instead of treating the individual as disadvantaged, we take a positive approach to recovery that gives them choice and encourages them to reach their goals. We’ll fill the need for stable housing, holistic healthcare and programs that support social inclusion, work and training opportunities. 


Our recovery centres will address the need for social inclusion by providing residents with valuable education, training and work opportunities. This gives people the chance to contribute to their society in a meaningful way. Residents have the opportunity to work, gain skills, life experience and qualifications through the onsite management of the recovery centre itself.


The recovery centre will have facilities for use by the general public, including café, gardens, farm gate and facilities for corporate hire. This aims to close the divide that separates people with mental ill-health from the community. This is just one of the ways that we’ll address the problem of isolation for people with mental ill-health and help them in their much needed community reintegration. 



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