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Our programs are designed to empower individuals who experience mental ill-health to survive, thrive and live independently in the community.

We offer a specialised consultancy service to government and non-government agencies working in the mental health sector to enable services to more effectively respond to the changing needs of people experiencing mental ill-health.

Our consultancy services include:







Enveco Health believes community engagement is key to helping people with the lived experience of mental ill-health to feel included and connected to society. It is this connection which improves well-being. Our consultancy service operates on this foundation. We will walk with you to enable your service to engage better with your consumers, to help your consumers better engage with their community. This holistic and systemic approach to mental health will improve the lives of many who rely on your services to stay well.

• Scoping reviews of services

• Consumer-focused service development

• Reviewing and evaluating government policies and programmes

• Organisational reviews and performance evaluations

• Service planning, evaluation and report writing

• Integrated healthcare design and implementation

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