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It is important to remember that recovery is not synonymous with cure. Recovery refers to both internal conditions experienced by persons who describe themselves as being in recovery - hope, healing, empowerment, connection and
external conditions that facilitate recovery - implementation of human rights,

a positive culture of healing, and recovery-oriented services.
Jacobson and Greenley, 2001


Australia is experiencing a mental health crisis. We have some of the world’s highest rates of mental ill-health, suicide, severe mental illness and mental ill-health related homelessness. The earlier we intervene, the more likely we are to reduce homelessness and the social, emotional and health problems linked to it.


Effective early intervention—which addresses risk factors such as family conflict, mental health issues, unemployment, poverty, alcohol and other drug issues and crime, and builds protective factors such as community connections and healthy family relationships—leads to long-term benefits for young people, families and communities (Sanson et al., 2002).


It has also been identified that there is a lack of mental health services for the community. Enveco Health aims to address the mental health crisis and fill the gap through innovative recovery-oriented and holistic mental health services. 


We're an innovative leader in the mental health sector providing holistic recovery-based services in a therapeutic community. Our programs are designed to empower individuals who experience mental ill-health to survive, thrive and live independently in the community.


Enveco also offers a  private consulting branch that can work with you to engage better with your consumers, to help your consumers better engage with their community. We have a solid understanding and appreciation of the lived experience and value the contribution of our peer workforce and advisors.


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